Pininfarina going Electric

As Electric Vehicles rapidly gain pace, in more ways than one, it seems Italian design house Pininfarina is set to take on the establishment such as Bugatti and Ferrari, to become a standalone carmaker and it will mark the occasion with the debut of their electric hypercar, codenamed PF-Zero. According to Autocar, the fully electric hypercar will have the financial and technical backing from Croatian manufacturer Rimac and Formula E’s Mahindra Racing team.

After presenting it’s H2 Hydrogen Supercar  at the Geneva Motor Show this year, it’s seems Pinifarina has big plans for electric power,  the Italian brand is aiming for a performance-oriented model to take on the recently unveiled Lamborghini Urus. Named the PF-One, the planned SUV could see 940hp (700kW) in the power stakes whilst two smaller crossovers with less power will cover the competition between the Porsche Cayenne and Macan.

The Autocar article also predicts that the PF-Zero will arrive in 2020 with India’s Mahindra group investing over US$500 million into the Pininfarina four vehicle lineup.

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