Pagani Plotting Electric Supercar

According to the plot, or the script, however you want to interpret it, in the year 2025 Pagani will unveil their Electric Supercar. Speaking to Spanish broadcasting network elTres.TV founder Horacio Pagani has confirmed the company is developing two new hypercars, one of which will be electric. The Electric Supercar already has 20 Pagani personnel working on developing this fully electric model.

But before that, we will see the successor to the sensational Huayra. The new car will carry an all-new twin-turbo engine sourced from Mercedes-AMG and manual gearbox. Yes, according to Pagani’s customers a manual box is what they want, so no autos’ here. Pagani told Autodato that he builds “toys” which customers buy to enjoy driving. Naturally, a toy built for driving can’t drive itself, so no autonomous tech.

Pagani is confident despite changing emissions regulations, the V12 will remain the engine of choice, at least until 2025, when their Electric Supercar is expected to be launched. Pagani plans to sell its Electric Supercar alongside the successor to the Huayra and will build the two vehicles alongside each other at its plant in Italy.



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