Lancia Stayin’ Alive

It’s almost a year since the FCA Group announced Lancia would no longer be selling cars outside of Italy. The famous car manufacturer, now a shadow of it’s former self, was deemed no longer able to compete globally on the world car stage, through various different reasons (too many to go into here!) so the announcement came that Lancia would only sell it’s cars in it’s home country, https://enzari.com/news/rip-lancia/

So what do Lancia offer those who live in Italy, well it’s a CityCar, the Ypsilon, introduced in 1995, the latest interpretation of the small car is very eco, offering a Petrol-Methane engine.

Lancia introduced the Ypsilon Ecochic Methane to the Italian market in 2012. It’s popularity is such that the Italian automobile manufacturer, part of the FCA Group, decided to introduce three new contemporary reinterpretations — Elefantino Blu, Gold and Platinum — in February this year.

The Lancia Ypsilon is a very urban-friendly car, and is the marque’s sole product offered for commercial sale. Inclusive of all fuels, it was the best-selling car in the B segment in 2016 and 2017 and the second best-selling car in Italy after the Fiat Panda, in the same period. With 2,900,000 cars sold, it has revolutionized the B segment.

The new Ypsilon range is an exclusive ‘special series’ marked by three colours and styles. Each version has a strong and distinctive identity, immediately recognizable both for the interiors and for the exteriors.

Euro 6 Ecochic

The new Ypsilon Ecochic is a bi-fuel (petrol and methane) vehicle equipped with a twin-cylinder 0.9 TwinAir 80 HP which complies with Euro 6 regulations. From the point of view of size, the new car retains its qualities of compactness and versatility: 3.84 m length, wheelbase of 2.39 m, width 1.68 m and height 1.52 m high, plus five doors for maximum practicality.

March is the new reg month in the UK but we won’t see any new Lancia’s on the UK roads, neither will they be seen ripping up the rough stuff on the rally stages, but it is good that this Italian marque is Stayin’ Alive in Italy and embracing new greener technology, it may be the only way Lancia can survive for now, and as long as it does, we can hope someday it will rise again…

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