Lamborghini Super Trofeo Middle East: Jefferies and Schreiner win the PRO-AM title in Dubai

With the 2018 champions of the categories PRO (Jack Bartholomew) and AM (Taylor Proto) already crowned in Race 1, the second and final race of the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Middle East in Dubai has awarded the two titles that were still uncertain: in the Lamborghini Cup, only the math was separating Mark Proto from the title; the driver won four races out of six and was therefore the category leader by a wide margin. In the PRO-AM, however, the fight remained open till the end, with three contenders competing for the title: Glauco Solieri, Giacomo Altoé and the crew formed by Carrie Schreiner and Axcil Jefferies. The latter two drivers scored the winning shot during the very last stages of the race, thus taking the class victory and the championship title. For the record, the overall victory in Race 2 was taken again, and for the fourth time in a row, by Jack Bartholomew and James Pull of FFF Racing by ACM.
Race 2 in Dubai, which marks the end of the 2018 edition of the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Middle East, kept everyone with bated breath till the last lap and with a second part of the race that crowned the PRO-AM champions in the last few minutes. But let’s start from the beginning, with Daniel Zampieri (with Glauco Solieri as a co-driver, #76 Antonelli Motorsport) who started from the pole position with Taylor Proto (#55 FFF Racing Team) at his side. At the green light, the leading positions were occupied by the aforementioned plus the new 2018 champion Jack Bartholomew (#5 FFF Racing Team). However, the first twist occurred on the second lap, when Marco Antonelli (#78 Antonelli Motorsport) ended up spinning the car, thus making it more difficult for his young team-mate Giacomo Altoé to fight for the PRO-AM title.
During the driver change, Daniel Zampieri (#76 Antonelli Motorsport) handed over the wheel to Glauco Solieri, who at that time was leading the PRO-AM standings in first place overall. After the driver change, James Pull (who had taken over car #5 of FFF Racing Team from his co-driver Jack Bartholomew) took the lead of the race and maintained it undisturbed till the checkered flag.
The race was instead open in the PRO-AM category: Solieri, who was still leading his class, saw his direct pursuers catch up and started to loose positions, in particular in favor of Axcil Jefferies (#11 Konrad Motorsport) who had taken over the wheel from Carrie Schreiner and did an amazing recovery. In addition, the safety car, which entered the track a few minutes from the end due to a spinned car, reassembled the group and allowed Axcil Jefferies to win the Pro-Am and 2018 championship titles, with the German lady driver Carrie Schreiner.
In the AM category, Taylor Proto (#55 FFF Racing Team) got a second place overall and yet another first class position, in addition to the title already won the day before.
In the Lamborghini Cup, Race 2 was won by Gerald Van Der Horst (#98 Van Der Horst Motorsport), but the championship title was conquered by Mark Proto (#15 FFF Racing Team), father to Taylor, winner of the AM title.

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