F1 Clienti/XX Programmes – Ferrari Cars On Show At Road Atlanta

F1 Clienti and the XX Programmes enjoyed two memorable days at Road Atlanta on Thursday and Friday, the second meeting of the season for these two special Ferrari Corse Clienti activities.

FXX K EVO. The event that ended on Friday marked the debut at Road Atlanta of the FXX K and FXX K EVO, the latest cars of the XX Programmes. The old-fashioned track with its continuous ups and downs proved a perfect test bed for the cars and the skills of the drivers who had a great time after becoming familiar with the 4 km-plus track. Two more cars joined the three FXX K EVOs that took part in last week’s Circuit of the Americas event. They were equipped with the new aerodynamic kit, which provides 23% more downforce for better cornering and faster lap times. In addition to these five cars, there were another five FXX Ks, seven 599XX EVOs, one 599XX and one FXX.

Formula 1. F1 Clienti drivers also had great fun behind the wheel, taking advantage of the experience of tutor Marc Gené, a competitor here in Prototype Sports cars, who helped them lap quickly on the ups and downs of the Georgia track. Marc, finding the perfect set-up for the F2003-GA of Robert Bud Moealler was also able to complete the fastest ever lap on the track in 1’.01.2. Seven single-seaters took to the asphalt, spanning 12 years of Ferrari history, from the F2001 used by Michael Schumacher to the F138 of 2013 driven by Fernando Alonso. An F2003-GA, an F2004, an F2008 and an F150° Italia of 2011, each took turns on the circuit.

Next round. The F1 Clienti and XX Programmes calendar now moves to Europe. The next appointment is set for the end of April, when the single-seaters and exclusive cars homologated only for the track will appear at the MotorLegend Festival in Imola, from 20 to 22 April.

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