Lancia Stratos is back…kind of…

It will have Ferrari power, Ferrari bits, look like a Lancia Stratos and will be a Stratos, well kind of. You see back in 2010 German entrepreneur Michael Stoschek decided to resurrect the iconic Rally champion car, thanks to Pininfarina, which undertook the prototype’s transformation to production, the New Stratos used a shortened Ferrari F430 Scuderia platform for its chassis, meaning it drove, handled and sounded fantastic. But, yes there was a But, in order for Pininfarina to go ahead with the project they wanted the agreement, permission, of Ferrari, after all they would be cutting up several F430’s for the project, Ferrari considered this and said, well No, so the project halted.

Fast forward Eight years and the projects backers have now got a solution, find a new coachbuilder, step forward Manifattura Automobili Torino, led by Paolo Garella who was in charge of the design and engineering of the original prototype, his company is no stranger to small production supercars including the Glickenhaus SCG003S and Apollo IE hypercar.

This new Stratos will enter production shortly, in an extremely limited run of just 25 examples, set to have a mid-mounted V-8s with flat-plane crankshafts, giving it around 550bhp, exactly which Ferrari will be the ‘donor’ car remains to be seen. The Stratos can be ordered in road-spec, GT racer trim, or in a rally-ready Safari version. Deliveries are expected to begin in April, and Manifattura Automobili Torino will display one at the 2018 Geneva auto show next month.

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