Indicators – Useless!

I can’t wait for the cars of the future, when you just sit there doing nothing except watching something on a screen in front of you, like repeats of a motoring programe from a bygone era, all the time the car is taking you to your destination, in comfort and safety, yes safely, you see the car of the future will undoubtedly use it’s indicators, just so other self driving cars, pedestrians or even the local cat as it approaches the crossing (yes we did have a cat that used to do that…) know which way you are going, but please until then, can Car makers get rid of these apparently useless things.

You see, it seems there is a proportion of car drivers who don’t even know they exist, that the plastic stalk thing sticking out from behind the steering wheel is some kind of modern art accessory, or even that the same proportion of drivers must be psychic, and we know exactly which direction they are going to take. Sat at a junction waiting to come out, giving way to the traffic to my right, oh but stupid me I could have pulled out, joining the road, as the driver was turning down the road I’m trying to exit, how silly I didn’t have my psychic radar switched on. Or wait, the dreaded roundabout, not that they are, but for some people they are just another exercise for being a muppet, sat behind a driver as they approach the roundabout they indicate left, nothing wrong with that but wait nope, they are in fact going straight on, following the original route they had been taking. How silly of me to misunderstand, they must have caught that stalk thing in error, oh nope they’ve done it again…

Of course roundabouts have the other indicator menace, that driver that when on the roundabout is indeed not going straight on but going right or left, maybe the 3rd exit, but they don’t need to tell us, we just know! Yes, you see, indicators, no need. To test this I entered a roundabout without indicating which direction I was taking, in fact I didn’t know or indeed care, and after making my daughter feel sick going round in circles I seemed to have the roundabout to myself, nobody dared come on?!

So there you go, Car makers world wide, we don’t need these indicator stalk things, some people can’t use them, whilst others haven’t got a clue when or where they should…

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