Death of fossil fuels

So yesterday, one of the main stories at Enzari, was the reported demise of diesel cars with the FCA Group https://enzari.com/news/fca-to-end-diesel-production/, in just 4 years time diesel will be no more for Passenger cars.

It certainly seem’s to have been a pretty quick change of public opinion that diesel is not the fuel choice for new car buyers. Only a few years ago we were being told, buy diesel for economy, it’s now a cleaner fuel, better than petrol blah blah blah, all backed up by Government stats if I remember rightly. But now it seem’s, thanks in part to the VW scandal recently, Joe Public has decided Diesel is not what he wants and is making his voice heard by not buying.

If this is the end for diesel, how long before Petrol goes the same way? Amongst all the countries leading the change is India, who have said all cars are to be electric by 2030. So I have no doubt we can expect Petrol to pretty much be on it’s knees by then across Western Europe.


The question is, do we now hail Electric power, or are other fuel sources about to rise to power (no pun intended!). Some car manufacturers are still investigating the Hydrogen route, whilst others have gone all out for Electric, hoping not to let the likes of Tesla steal everything!

When asked a few months ago about Hybrid for Alfa Romeo, Roberto Fedeli, Alfa Romeo’s technical boss, said ‘Plug-in hybrid could be a problem for the Alfa DNA point of view (with current models), but for instance a 48-volt mild hybrid solution is something that we can do without losing anything (power).” So certainly we can expect the Italians to bring us electric powered cars very soon, until then I would say, Long Live Petrol…now where’s the keys to that V6 Giulia!…

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