Crazy AWD 600bhp Fiat Coupe

It’s design still splits opinion, the Chris Bangle styled Fiat Coupe was, and is a unique car within the back catalogue of the Italian carmaker. We always liked it, and unlike some other European cars from the same decade, the Fiat Coupe still looks fresh today. The headline grabber in the range was the 20v Turbo, no slouch it could hit 0-60 in a round 6 seconds.

However what we have here is a little bit different, in fact it’s not even the 20v Turbo but the 16v Inline Four, with a few tweaks, such as AWD to help get the grip down from the boosted 2.0 litre engine, now producing 600bhp.

Converted by Italian car guys Rama Racing, this modified Fiat Coupe can smash the 1/4 mile in around 10 seconds. although it struggles to put all the power down, the AWD system means it just about does so…

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