Agostini and Breukers score a double victory in the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Middle East

Agostini and Breukers do the double:

Riccardo Agostini and Rik Breukers have repeated their success: after Friday evening’s victory in Race 1, the two Lamborghini young drivers scored another victory in Race 2 held on Saturday, February 3 at Yas Marina, Abu Dhabi, during the first round of the Super Trofeo Middle East. Behind them were two other members of the Young Drivers Program of Lamborghini Squadra Corse: Aidan Read and Jack Bartholomew of FFF Racing. The real revelation, however, was the crew of Antonelli Motorsport, formed by the seventeen-year-old Giacomo Altoé and Glauco Solieri, who scored a well-deserved third place overall and a first place in the Pro-Am category.
The start of Race 2 was undoubtedly more animated than the one of the previous day. At the start, the seventeen-year-old Giacomo Altoé (# 78 Antonelli Motorsport) cleverly kept the first position, while, behind him, Rik Breukers (# 7 GDL racing) managed to gain the second place against Jack Bartholomew (# 5 FFF Racing). Back at the rear of the pack, instead, Carrie Schrenier (# 11 Konrad Motorsport) was the victim of a contact with the Huracán # 77 of Meisam Taheri (then penalized with a drive-thru) and slipped into thirteen position.
Throughout the first part of the race the plot was as follows: Giacomo Altoé stood up to Rick Breukers by immediately imposing a very fast pace (Altoé did the best lap with 2’09”667) and the two young drivers were the only ones to  constantly lap in 2’ 09”, at a qualifying pace; Jack Bartholomew (FFF Racing Team) was instead more distant in third position.
Halfway through the race, after the driver change, Riccardo Agostini (who had taken over the wheel from Breukers) only took one lap to overtake Glauco Solieri (who had taken over the wheel from Altoé) and move up to  the first position that he kept till the checkered flag. Solieri also had to give way to Aidan Read (who had taken over the wheel from Bartholomew) who managed to get the second position. The crew of Antonelli Motorsport Altoé-Solieri secured anyway a well-deserved third place overall and the first one in the Pro-Am category.
In the Pro-Am, behind the two Italians of Antonelli, it is worth mentioning the second place of  Carrie Schreiner and Axcil Jefferies. The latter made a stunning comeback and managed to move from 13th position to 5th overall and 2nd in class. Webb and Jasper ,instead, finished third and sixth overall with the Huracán # 26 of Leipert.
The AM category saw again the victory of Taylor Proto (# 55 FFF Racing Team) ahead of Andrej Lewandowski. Besides taking the class victory, the young American coming from the Lamborghini Super Trofeo North America also scored an excellent fourth place overall.
Even the podium of the Lamborghini Cup was the same as Race 1: the duo formed by Taylor Proto and Conrad Grunewald were first ahead of Gerard Van Der Horst and Iossifidis-Van Deyzen.

The second round of the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Middle East is scheduled on February 15-17 at the Dubai Autodrome.

Agostini and Breukers win Race 1 of the Super Trofeo Middle East:

The first winners of the Lamborghini Lamborghini Super TrofeoMiddle East 2018 are Riccardo Agostini and Rik Breukers, who have won Race 1 at Abu Dhabi on the Yas Marina Circuit. Both drivers belong to the youth programs of Lamborghini Squadra Corse and this win was scored by the two young talents just a few weeks away from other important successes: Agostini was crowned North American and World champion of the Super Trofeo 2017; Breukers, instead, won last January’s Daytona 24h with the Huracán GT3 of the team Grasser.
After starting from the third position with Agostini at the wheel,the Lamborghini # 7 of the team GDL Racing maintained its position during the first part of the race, behind Christopher Zoechling (# 77 GDL Racing) and the poleman Axcil Jefferies (# 11 Konrad Motorsport). Then, the trio went on at a qualifying pace until the opening of the pit-stop window and Axcil Jefferies scored the best lap time of the race with 2’09”731.
After the driver change, however, things began to mix up: theHuracán # 11, whose wheel had been handed from Axcil Jefferies to Carrie Schreiner, continued leading the race followed by the car #77 of GDL Racing with Breukers, who had taken over the wheel from Agostini. The car # 77, which had been handed fromZoechilng to Taheri, was instead inflicted a drive-thru (for crossing the white line at the pit exit) and lost several positions.
In this context, the Huracán # 5 of FFF Racing (with Aidan Read and Jack Bartholomew at the wheel) climbed up to the second position behind Breukers, who in the meantime, 15 minutes from the end, had reached Carrie Schreiner and taken the first position.
During the last lap, Breukers (# 7 GDL Racing) was leading the race followed respectively by Bartholomew (# 5 FFF Racing) andSchrenier (#11 Konrad Motorsport), but a fight between the latter two led Schreiner to conquer the second place overall (and the first place in the Pro-Am category) and Bartholomew to miss the podium in favor of the duo formed by Jasper and Webb (# 26 Leipert Motorsport), who had meanwhile climbed the rankings.
In the Pro-Am category, it is worth mentioning the third place scored by the debuting crew of Antonelli Motorsport formed by Glauco Solieri and the seventeen-year-old Giacomo Altoè.
In the AM class, the victory was taken by the American Taylor Proto of FFF Racing Team # 55, who is at his first experience in the Middle East series but scored excellent lap times that enabled him to win in his category and get an excellent fifth place overall.
In the Lamborghini Cup, the victory was conquered by another car of the team FFF Racing and namely # 15, with Mark Proto (Taylor’s father) and Conrad Grunewald behind the wheel.

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