Who’s going to pay for the Police in the future?

This week the Police have issued a new crackdown on motorists using their mobile phones whilst driving, quite right too, I agree, the roads are a manic place and concentration should be given to driving not who’s tweeting or texting (I speak from experience!). But with car technology moving at a pretty fast pace, now allowing us to do even more in our cars with inbuilt entertainment systems, this brings about it a problem, for the Police anyway.

You see despite the ‘Forces cutbacks, which by the way are stupid, the Motorway Police still manage to drive around in the likes of BMW X5’s, Range Rover’s and various other expensive cars, which in itself is OK but no doubt these are paid for by fines, when said Muppet is caught using his mobile phone whilst driving, or middle lane hogging (why would you do that?!), again all this is OK but what of the future?

Already cars tell you if your changing lane when you shouldn’t, some mobile phones don’t operate if your in motion, such as driving. In the future as driverless cars arrive and we all sit there enjoying the view, how will the Police be funded? They cannot fine you for using your phone whilst driving because your not, likewise they cannot fine you for speeding, as the cars inbuilt system won’t allow it. So what then? Do we see the demise of the Police on our Motorways or will they revert to smaller less powerful electric powered ‘Panda Cars’…

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