Where have all the Road Manners gone?!

This is not so much a rant but more a question, just where have people’s road manners gone? Are we all so cocooned in our own little bubble that we are blind to other people’s inconvenience?!

My question (not rant, I promise!) relates to a tale a friend of mine told me which happened to her last week. She had the unfortunate problem of her trusted little car breaking down, sat in her mini car near a junction, she was on her own, having put her hazard lights on she first of all tried to get out of her car to get to the side of the road to ring for help, but even this task was difficult, fellow drivers deciding to beep their horns at her display various hand gestures, as they hurtled past, not even allowing enough room to open her car door to exit!

My poor friend sat there petrified, hoping somebody would stop to help, but no it seem’s everyone was insistent on letting her know they where unhappy at any possible delay she had caused, in fact one person in his German saloon car (other makes are available) pulled up alongside, wound down his window to tell her ‘your hazards are on!” to which she replied ‘yes, I’ve broken down’ he laughed then drove off! Is this mad?! My friend was on her in own, driving a small car that any average sized man would have no problem pushing to the side of the road only to be taunted and left stranded still in the middle of the road! She lost count of the amount of times people gave her the finger and so on, really it is beyond a joke. What happened to helping the damsel in distress? Or fellow human man even!

Thankfully there was such a person, or two in this case, a large HGV came up right behind her, although she admits she thought for a second they hadn’t seen her and where about to drive straight through her! But no, they parked behind her to protect her from the traffic, then the two HGV guys got out, asked if she was OK and then happily pushed her to the side of the road, stopping the traffic as they did. Hurrah! All is not lost!!

So first of all a big pat on the back for the HGV guys who helped my friend out, these King of the Roads obviously still know what gallantry is all about, but for the rest of you, seriously, get a grip, people don’t sit in the middle of the road with their hazards on for fun, maybe it’s time you stepped out of your air conditioned little bubble and really see what’s going on!…

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