To 4×4 or not to 4×4…

What’s the point? That is a question often thrown at me when I get on the subject of 4×4’s or SUV’s as they are more commonly known – yes there is a difference, after all some SUV’s actually have Four Wheel drive, whilst other’s are powered only by Two wheels. Either way these cars, vehicles or whatever you want to call them have grown, quite literally in the last decade.

You see a long long time ago it was decided that more than just Farmer Giles should enjoy the heights of a 4×4, with the capability of engaging in the rough stuff when need’s must. Only that isn’t exactly what has happened, whilst some are capable of mud throwing, other’s would struggle to climb a kerb, so what is the point? In a recent survey, it seem’s a large amount of SUV owners said they bought them for their off road ability, this come’s as a surprise since most never venture out of town. However there is a ‘But’ in here, you see I blame the weather, over the last few years we have seen various storms, impending snow fall and flood’s, weather conditions that leave us wanting to feel that bit safer if we go outdoors.

Although it’s true Mrs Jones in her SUV is unlikely to go ploughing across the nearest fields, it is true that if the heavens open, she and her children onboard want to feel they are as safe as possible, it doesn’t matter that she could go round the Nurburgring quicker than she might ever need to leave the Supermarket car park, with this performance under the bonnet she can probably outrace the storm as it whistle’s up the high street.

So the SUV market will continue to grow, like it or not, it would of course be a good idea if car manufacturers didn’t make them too big or before long we may have SUV’s blocking B roads due to them being the size of a HGV…


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