The future is on track

We are heading towards a driverless future, yes I know, depressing thought for real car lovers, but it seem’s to be the way ahead. What seemed to be nothing more than sci-fi in the past, as is often the case, now seem’s to becoming a reality.

Currently the big thing in the automotive world is making cars environmentally friendly, cutting greenhouse gases, so we are seeing the demise of petrol and diesel engines, but that discussion is for another day. What beyond that? Google and one or two other’s are trialing driverless cars, a certain truck manufacturer has now developed a system where the truck can be driverless on the main highways. So it has begun…

Indeed one chairman of a German carmaker has said within 25 years half of the carmakers we have today will have vanished as modes of transport change, people will no longer own their car but rent/lease. So as technology advances and car’s become driverless, little more than taxi’s, that take you from home to work, drop you off, then drive itself to a designated parking area before picking you up again later, if this is the future, what do those people who love driving cars do?

You run a second car, a real car and you take it to the track. You see in the future this will be the only place left you can actually drive, with a steering wheel, pedals and everything! A place where you can still feel like your alive and not just sat in car to move from A to B. Already track days have become popular, but I suspect as we move towards cars of the future, the circuits that offer these experiences to turn up in your own car will continue to grow in popularity, just turn up in your Abarth or whatever it might be & blast around the circuit, feel the car come alive, feel yourself come alive as adrenaline kicks in and to know what real driving is.

The future on the roads might become boring, but the future for driving is right on track…

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