Team Maserati Multi 70 at full speed in the Indian Oceon

For Giovanni Soldini and the crew of Maserati Multi 70 – Sébastien Audigane, Guido Broggi, Oliver Herrera Perez and Alex Pella – the second week of the record between Hong Kong and London begins in the Indian Ocean, under the 15th parallel South. Since yesterday, they have been running downwind in the trade winds, at full speed on the direct route towards South Africa.

At this morning ranking, 7:06 UTC, the trimaran Maserati Multi 70 recorded average speeds of around 30 knots, an advantage of 741 miles on the previous record and a distance of 4,000 miles from Good Hope, next buoy on the Hong Kong – London route.

“The first week went very well”, says Giovanni Soldini, skipper of Maserati Multi 70. “We have found a good harmony on board, the atmosphere between us is very positive. We sailed well and we also had Neptune on our side. We entered the trade winds last night around 18 UTC and we immediately accelerated. We spent the last day between brutal gales and gennaker maneuvers but we are happy because we are going fast and I think that in the coming days we will be able to make a long way.”

Left Hong Kong last January 18th, to beat the record set in 2008 by Lionel Lemonchois on board the 100 footer maxi catamaran Gitana 13 (41 days, 21 hours and 26 minutes), the 21.20 meters trimaran Maserati Multi 70 must complete the 13000 nautical miles route and cut the finish line under the Queen Elisabeth II bridge over the River Thames before March 1st.

To follow the challenge live, visit the cartography on maserati.soldini.it/cartography/

The challenge is supported by Maserati, the main sponsor that gives the name to the trimaran and Aon as co-sponsor, along with the official supplier for the clothing, Ermenegildo Zegna.

A special thanks also to Boero Bartolomeo S.p.A. and Contship Italia Group.

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