Stand Alone

Following the footprint set up by Ferrari on leaving the FCA Group, rumours have been circulating for some time that both Alfa Romeo and Maserati may go the same way, question is when and should they? With both brands enjoying a resurgence lately, thanks to improved products could they stand alone…

After the triumphant return of Alfa Romeo giving the German’s a bloody nose with their Giulia Quadrifoglio, the Italian carmaker has carried the theme on with the Stelvio, itself picking up our 2017 Car of The Year. The stylish, fast and yet practical SUV, the Stelvio has won critical acclaim around the world, so what next and will it be enough? Well Alfa have already confirmed a larger SUV will see the introduction of hybrd technology to the brand, the much loved 4C has also been thrown a lifeline that it may live on beyond the end of the decade and not forgetting the Giulietta, still the best looking hatchback in it’s sector, it also will see a new version within the next 3 years, likely to be based on a shortened version of the Giulia’s rear wheel drive platform. So it that enough for Alfa Romeo to move out of the family home and go it alone?

As unpopular as it is with die hard petrolheads, a lot could rest on the brand’s hybrid technology, whilst carmakers like BMW, Lexus, not forgetting Tesla, have already took the lead in the world of Electric and Hybrid, the Italian’s are going to have to play catch up, and quickly, as unlike the Supercar makers like Ferrari and Lamborghini, Alfa need’s the company car driver, the family man, you and me, to buy their cars to give them the profit needed to move forwards, so the SUV’s and family hatchbacks are here to stay.

The same is also true for Maserati, aiming at the top end of the executive market with the Ghibli and Quattroporte, even those buyers are turning towards the electric revolution. As fantastic as the recently launched V6 Petrol Levante is, at some stage soon Maserati will need to offer a plug in version. The brand’s leap forward could be the Alfieri, it is expected to be the replacement for the beautiful but ageing GranTurismo, the question is when, it could and should be the car to see Maserati go head to head, and conquer Tesla, but can they do it? Will they rise to the challenge. We hope so, regardless of whether Maserati joins Alfa Romeo in a return to Formula 1 (unlikely), or a rumoured link up in Formula e, Maserati need’s hybrid as much as Alfa to push the carmaker forwards to the front, in return increasing sales, which will increase profit and maybe then, only then can we seriously consider both Alfa Romeo and Maserati stepping out on their own, but it won’t be this decade, maybe not even next.

Until the brand’s have embraced the hybrid route and have the extended line up of model’s it may be a while until we see it happen…

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