Meet the Lamborghini Huracan Drag Racer

The internet is full of cars doing the drag race thing, anything from classic car to Supercars can be found on YouTube doing the 1/4 mile in some crazy time. But what is unusual is to find a Supercar that is actually a purpose built drag racer, step forward ‘Envy’ , a 2015 Lamborghini Huracan given the drag race treatment by OB Prestige Auto in Canada. Complete with everything you would expect from a drag race, big wing, roll cage, parachute and even a cool wrap, this raging bull is a little bit different to what you normally find at your local Italian car meets.

“Envy started out as one of the first quarter-mile Huracans in the world,” he explains. “It’s the only one of its kind.” Using the original Lamborghini fitted 5.2 litre v10 engine, OB Prestige Auto say all of the internals are upgraded in order to be able to handle the impressive 1,600 horsepower this car makes. The team also built a custom twin-turbo kit for the engine with a pair of 76mm turbos producing around 20-30 pounds of boost. The kit is plumbed to a custom one-off billet aluminum intake manifold, which they say was built out of necessity due to the fragile nature of the factory plastic intake manifolds at high boost. A Syvecs stand-alone engine management system is used to fine-tune this set up.

Changes to the Italian Supercar also saw the 19-inch wheels go in order to fit a set of custom 15-inch Weld Racing wheels. This required a complete re-design and custom fabricate a unique suspension for the Lamborghini. Taking only a few months to create all of the suspension components on the car, which OB Prestige Auto says, “all custom to fit that specific car, and do not exist anywhere else in the world.”

Envy was the first Lamborghini Huracan to break into the 8-second quarter-mile zone, and with the new wheels and tires currently holds a personal best of 8.02 at 186 mph. The team are currently in further development stage as they will be heading to Bradenton Motorsports Park in Florida later this month in an attempt to set the record and get Envy into the 7-second zone. “We know what our limitations are, but we’re willing to confirm them. Its never over; we always go to the track, we learn something, we come back and then we better some aspect of the car,” they said.




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