Lamborghini rendering is Madman

Now this is a Lamborghini, for all those who have complained that the Italian Supercar maker from Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy, has gone soft under Audi ownership, this rendering by digital designer Dmitry Lazarev is literally right up your street. Named the ‘Forsennato’, roughly translated meaning ‘Madman’ in English, this awesome rendering is all about sharp angles, low drag and extreme design, a sure throwback to the days of the Countach.

A modern incarnation of the Raging Bull, Lazarev captures the very essence of Lamborghini, with it’s purposeful low front, the design follow’s the sharp angular design around the Supercar, finishing with an aggressive rear, which we are sure if this car was built, the rear is pretty much all you would get to see.

Speaking of If, should Lamborghini want to take this design and bring it to reality, we are sure if they dropped the 730bhp engine from an Aventador S in the Forsennato, it would make this Madman some Supercar as it hit 220mph.


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