Lamborghini Aventador successor joining electric race

Less than a week after Ferrari President Sergio Marchionne announced Ferrari will build an electric Supercar, it also seem’s that Lamborghini is joining the electric race, kind of. Speaking at the North American International Auto Show, Reggiani said “With the new Aventador we must decide what will be the future of the super sports car in terms of electric contribution.” He went on to say the primary challenge is the added weight and the need to ensure the model has proper “super sports car” DNA.

However whether this Aventador successor will be purely electric or continue to pack a mid-mounted V12 remains to be seen, although right now when asked the question, Reggiani’s assurance that the V-12 engine was indeed still on the table he replied, “Yes. About V-12, I say, yes, yes, yes, yes.”

It was expected that the Huracan would be the first supercar from Sant’Agata to get the electric treatment – https://enzari.com/news/lamborghini-goes-for-plug-in-hybrid-with-huracan-successor/ – but it would make sense for it’s flagship model to carry the burden and indeed new breed of technology moving forwards.

When it arrives, we can expect the new Aventador to also benefit from improved aerodynamics, expect ALA wind management courtesy of the mightily brilliant Huracán Performanté. Reggiani went on to say, “Aero vectoring was never used in Aventador” and “that means it’s a big potential that we have in our pocket.”


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