FormulaE: Changing the future of Motorsport

When FormulaE revealed details of their second generation car, due to take to the track next season, my first thought was ‘How long can Formula 1 continue to be Motorsports ‘Champions League’ to Formula E’s ‘Europa League’? If you excuse the football reference. You see for a long time Formula 1 has had it’s own way in the world of Motorsport, in particular with the FIA, helped of course under the supervision of Bernie Ecclestone, but now with FormulaE in only it’s 4th season, it seem’s a change is in the air.

First and foremost, the next generation FormulaE car looks awesome, looking like something Bruce Wayne would race at the weekend’s, it also proves the dreaded ‘HALO’ can look good, molding itself into the design as if it was always there. The major step forward for this next generation is the battery, as from next season the batteries will be able to do a full race, no more changing cars halfway through.

At the unveiling yesterday, praise came very highly indeed; “These are very exciting times for Formula E,” FIA president Jean Todt said. “Today we show for the first time the design of the next generation car, and I’m sure that everyone will be very excited by how futuristic and advanced it is. I’m very proud that the FIA has been at the forefront of this car’s development, it’s something new for the Federation, and the project has been a huge success.”

So is FormulaE going to lead the wind of change through Motorsport, with the FIA now having a vested interested in the single race series it certainly is gaining the credentials, but what for Formula 1 amongst this? With various changes due in 2020, can these two race series survive side by side? Many question how long Formula 1 can continue using combustion engines for before Hybrids appear but isn’t that just one step away from full electric?

For Motorsport fans these are exciting times, FormulaE is providing another great race specticle for the enthusiast, whilst ruffling the feathers of the establishment. Can FormulaE prove to other race series that Electric really is the future, will we see Hybrids then Electric racing in the likes of the BTCC, DTM or WRC?

FormulaE, like it or not, has a great weight on it’s shoulders, we hope it can carry it off…


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