Classic Ferrari 308 GTB boasts 570bhp

Modern Supercars, with all their technology are more than capable of handling jaw dropping bhp, in fact when you talk in the region of 500-600bhp, Alfa Romeo’s Giulia Quadrifoglio springs to mind, thanks to gizmo tech and the work of inspired engineers, handling that kind of power seem’s almost an everyday affair, but if you take a classic Supercar and boost it with 570bhp you can imagine it’s all going to go pretty bad putting all that power through a classic rear wheel drive chassis.

ATS Racing seemed to have no such issues, with an engine originally built for drag racing on the Bonneville salt flats, the project which has the purposeful engine built by Bob Norwood never came off, so what to do? Naturally they gave the engine to the owner of this Ferrari 308.

It seemed the right thing to do, after all it was reportedly built from pieces of at least seven different Ferrari’s, using a single Precision 62-66 turbo, this classic 308 now has 570 bhp sent to the rear wheels, almost three times the original car’s output.

Don’t expect this Classic Ferrari to be the perfect track day car, but it’s certainly testament to the original car’s ability that it can handle it’s new found power…

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