Are Supercars still cool?

When I was younger I had a Ferrari F40 poster on my bedroom wall, it was the car of the dreams, beautiful, purposeful, fast, it was all that a Supercar should be, that included being cool.

Fast forward a decade or two (or more!) the role of the Supercar seem’s to have changed. Almost everyday you see a headline of some footballer, musician or sports personality blinging their Supercar up, posting it all over social media for the everyone to have their opinion on. There is nothing wrong with these people owning a Supercar, you work hard & get paid a truck load of cash, then you can spend it on pretty much whatever you want, but has this changed our opinion on Supercars?

A few days ago I was chatting to a friend as he climbed out of his Ferrari 488GTB, without doubt one of the best Supercar’s available today, when some guy walking past whispered rather too loudly ‘C**K!’ My friend informs me it’s quite common, owning a Supercar seems to attract two types of people, those who admire and love them or those who wish share their expletives with whoever can hear them. I never remember this being the case when I was younger, you saw a Ferrari or Lamborghini and it was like ‘Wow!’ Not commenting or really caring on who it belonged too.

So is the Supercar no longer cool? Is it cooler to own something no quite as ‘Super’ but still exclusive, like say a Maserati? Are we in a world, thanks to mainly Social Media, where the Lamborghini covered in diamonds or Ferrari in a crazy wrap has made us think of these cars a different way, have Supercars lost their ‘Coolness’….




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