Pagani opens Museum and Workshop

Pagani has made a name for itself for producing beautifully crafted Supercars, so when the Italian carmaker opened it’s new Museum and Atelier – Workshop, it is no surprise that as much thought, passion and craft has gone into creating an equally beautiful facility as it’s cars.

A tribute to passion, dreams and determination, a true inspiration, a tribute to automotive art, this is the experience of visiting the Museo Horacio Pagani and the Atelier Pagani Automobili.

The museum showcases the history of both the Pagani brand and Horacio’s journey from balsa models to the hypercars we see today. In the museum are some of Pagani’s most famed cars, like the Zonda Cinque, Zonda R and Huayra, unique models exhibited together for the first time in an exclusive collection, never seen before, accessible to visitors from all over the world.

Made with the talian materials, such as Carrara marble and antique bricks as a replica of the typical Modenese bricks, every architectural and stylistic detail of the new building was designed by Horacio Pagani and his team, where the main theme of the Renaissance highlights the perfect combination of Art and Science, tradition and innovation. Behind the museum is where Pagani will be building all of their new automobiles. This new workshop uses the same architectural elements and materials that are found in the museum, creating a consistency through the Pagani buildings

Horacio Pagani, Chief Designer Pagani Automobili – “Dreams and passion are the energy of our days. Since I was a child, in Argentina, I desired to come to Italy, to Modena where the most beautiful cars in the world were born. My dream allowed me to live the many obstacles as challenges to overcome, with determination, grit and efforts, and as opportunities for growth.”


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