Holding out for Electric?

With 2018 just a round the corner, many people’s thoughts will turn towards a new car, holiday etc, once the New Year is here, if it’s a new car, what are you thinking of buying? Are you currently running a Petrol or Diesel, if so what do you choose next.

The question is, with the talk of diesel car’s being penalised, the subject seem’s to be rattling on (no pun intended?!), are you thinking of electric? Or is lack of choice making you hang on. Certainly the eco-green electric car’s are gathering pace, a lot of manufacturer’s are providing if not electric, certainly a hybrid combination. But what should you do if you don’t fancy any of these new electric hybrid machines? As a consumer your stuck between a rock and a hard place, change for an economical diesel, only to see taxes increase in the next year or so, or hang on to your existing motor only to see it diminish in value, even more if the talked about diesel tax hits.

I don’t have a hybrid or electric, but one foot in each camp for Petrol and Diesel, I will be hanging on…maybe, my temptation is to switch my diesel next year for Petrol, modern petrol engines are far more economical than old, without the threat of any diesel tax hanging over it, plus there is the noise factor, it might not matter to some people, but the sound of a petrol engine given some rev’s, even if it isn’t a V8, sounds better than the hum of an electric surely, besides until one of the Italian carmakers comes up with a good hybrid or electric alternative I see no alternative…

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