Pope Francis’ Fiat 500L going to auction for charity

Pope Francis may have recently given his blessing to a special edition Lamborghini in aid of charity https://enzari.com/news/lamborghini-donates-huracan-to-pope-francis-for-charity/  – but his own personal mode of transport isn’t quite as fast. On a recent visit to Philadelphia in 2015, his holiness made his way round in a Fiat 500L. The car is one of two Fiats the humble pope was transported in during his trip to the city for the World Meeting of Families in September of that year. One of the Fiat 500L’s has already been sold for charity raising over £60,000 at an old-fashioned, in-person charity auction during the 2016 Philadelphia Auto Show.

Now the Archdiocese of Philadelphia has announced that it is auctioning the other FIAT 500L used by Pope Francis for transportation during that historic visit to Philadelphia in 2015. The auction is being conducted in partnership with Charitybuzz and will last through to December 20th at https://www.charitybuzz.com/papalfiat.

The net proceeds from the online auction, will benefit the 2017 Catholic Charity Appeal. The appeal provides the support needed to tens of thousands of people through countless organizations, programs and ministries throughout the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

“I’m deeply grateful to FIAT Chrysler for its generosity in giving the Archdiocese of Philadelphia the two FIATS used by Pope Francis during his visit to Philadelphia on September 26-27, 2015,” said Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap.

“When we learned that these vehicles would be given to us, we wanted to use them in a manner consistent with Pope Francis’ call to love and care for the poor. Our partnership with Charitybuzz provides an excellent opportunity to benefit society’s most vulnerable and marginalized members.”

So there you haveit, a chance to own a genuine Popemobile, just beware if your the lucky bidder as the winning bidder can’t do anything sacrilegious with the vehicle, according to the bidding parameters: “BIDDER SHALL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ENSURING THAT THE PROPERTY IS NOT REPRESENTED OR USED IN SUCH A MANNER THAT WOULD IMPROPERLY OR IMMORALLY REFLECT UPON HIS HOLINESS OR THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH.”

That rules out the touring car championships then?!…


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