Meet the 350bhp 4WD Fiat 500 Mini Beast

If you think the recent Alfa Romeo 4C rear wheel drive powered Fiat 500 we featured – https://enzari.com/news/fiat-500-gets-alfa-romeo-4c-engine/ – , by Italian tuning company Giannini wasn’t good enough then don’t worry because they didn’t either.

By moving the engine from the rear and placing it under the boot (makes sense?!) not only does this mean you have more room for passengers (makes less sense?!) but more importantly this 350bhp mini beast now has 4 wheel drive, sending the power to all four wheels making it even grippier than before.

More of an evolution of their previous RWD version than revolution, the new 350 GP4 wouldn’t look out of place in the WRC, with a deeper front bumper incorporating a carbon fibre splitter and large vents to give the engine the air it needs to keep cool, a pair of lights to take the rally look a step further, and flares over the four wheels.

The carbon fibre is used well over the car, helping with not only the weight but also enhancing the overall look, carbon fibre is used on the side mirrors, as well as on the add-on piece on the lower section of the vented rear fenders where it meets the side skirts. Rounding off the modifications are the Plexiglas windows to shave off weight along with a massive rear diffuser with red vertical fins to match the two exhaust tips, the car also incorporates a full roll cage, this 350GP4 is a fairly serious piece of kit.

Giannini haven’t released any performance figures yet but like it’s RWD brother it has the Alfa Romeo 4C’s engine at it’s heart, making it quicker than quick, quite what this little Italian will set you back, well we wouldn’t expect much change from around £120K, putting this mini beast right in the Supercar bracket, so for that we expect performance to match…

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