Lamborghini Urus appears on screen

Car manufacturers have quite a knack of teasing the public a few months before a new model is due to arrive on the market, specially angled photos, video snippets, and whatever else the marketing people come up. Of course this includes the Supercar makers, no stranger to this kind of marketing strategy is Lamborghini, having released a video or two lately for it’s much anticipated Urus.

The latest teaser from Lamborghini has maybe shown a bit more than they hoped, as the latest video is meant to be giving us a look at the SUV’s Corsa mode, but onscreen sits a digital image of Lamborghini’s new model. Aside from the leaked image, the video also showed-off the Urus’ Corsa mode that tweaks dynamic elements like the suspension, engine mapping and transmission to best suit the racetrack.

That glimpse isn’t of a real Urus mind you, it’s an image on the in-dash infotainment screen showing the driving modes. The Urus looks very mean and lean. The official unveil for the Urus is set for December 4.

With a V8 powering this SSUV – Super Sports Utility Vehicle – will propel the Sant’Agata Bolognese Urus 0-62 mph (0-100 kph) in  just 3.7 seconds and a 186-mph top speed.

Lamborghini won’t be chasing massive sales volumes with the Urus straight away. Company boss Stefano Domenicali told Auto Express: ‘We need to be humble. We need to start step by step because it’s a new world for us.’ He continued however by saying that the Urus could account for more than half of Lamborghini’s global sales by 2019. Whether you like the idea of a Lamborghini SUV or not, it should be good news for petrolheads – the capital produced by a big-volume seller will hopefully fund the continued and greater investment in the company’s line of supercars and hypercars.


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