Lamborghini teases vision for the super sportscar of the future

You might not be familiar with MIT, after all thinking of cars it’s not the first word that springs to mind, however in these changing times where technology is racing ahead in creating the next car on our driveway or indeed the next Supercar to adorn bedroom walls in the not to distant future, MIT could become very important. MIT is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and they are currently in partnership with Italian supercar maker Lamborghini – got your attention now?…

MIT is currently working on batteries, the technology carmakers are pushing ahead with to replace the combustion engine. In this case, what is known as Solid-State Lithium Batteries, with greater energy density which could mean either lower weight per unit or greater energy storage overall, as well as a lower failure rate.

Next week at the EmTech 2017 tech conference hosted each year at MIT, Lamborghini is set to unveil it’s latest concept, the “vision for the super sportscar of the future.” Just to keep us guessing as to whether this will be a one off Concept showcasing MIT’s technology or indeed the future replacement for the Aventador, Lamborghini released this teaser image, certainly recognisable as a Lamborghini this concept may be as much about what is under the skin as it is the way it looks…

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