Hair raising Fiat 500 still going strong

We last featured this hair raising Fiat 500 last year, when it’s owner, Italian Hair stylist Maria Lucia Mugno, got the world record for ‘Hairiest Car’ http://enzari.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=223

Now it seem’s the little Italian car is going from strength to strength as it’s owner, has made a few subtle changes here and there, as you do with your haircut…

Not quite a short back and sides, the Fiat does seem to sport a somewhat bizarre clip on addition on the rear of the car, this little car covered in real human hair still needs a trim every now again, including the hairy steering wheel!

To keep her car looking as fresh as possible, Mugno cleans it on a regular basis with shampoo and conditioners.

Mugno said: “I drive my car more or less once a week. People are shocked, they see it and ask: ‘What is this madness you’ve created?’ I’ve had negative comments about it because not everyone liked the hair.”

We can’t say we are surprised, it seem’s a little creepy, question is, is the car nice or just get lice…

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