Fiat is the Main Sponsor of the Turin Film Festival

The Fiat brand is starring at one of the most important international film festivals, to be held in Turin’s cinemas from 24 November to 2 December. The festival, taking place for the 35th time this year, will include art films, a retrospective of the work of famous director Brian De Palma, themed sections and experimental works. The ability to successfully combine tradition and innovation and be at ease in widely different topics and languages are key characteristics which TFF and Fiat both share. The Fiat brand has a tradition reaching back more than a century and yet continues to evolve, retaining all its accessibility and ability to delight a discerning, demanding public.

For the Festival’s actors, directors and guests, Fiat will be providing a fleet of cars comprising the 500X, the crossover that represents the best of Italian style and manufacturing and is sold in more than 100 countries, and the 500L, a unique combination of space and personality, market leader in Italy and Europe ever since its launch.
The Fiat 500X range comprises two distinctively different trim levels, Urban and Cross, one more city-loving and the other more off-road, both recently updated with a series of stylistic and technical innovations, to keep them at the top of their segment.

The new Fiat 500L has three separate identities to cover all needs: Cross, Urban and Wagon. Cross backs up its crossover look with real off-road capability, thanks to its 25 mm extra ground clearance and the new Mode Selector. The car’s metropolitan side comes to the fore in the Urban trim level, a city-dweller’s dream, while the Wagon is also available in seven-seater configuration. Last but not least, the City Cross is an urban crossover for thrilling metropolitan adventures.

In the Via Verdi pedestrian zone, visitors flocking to the Festival will be able to admire a car from the Fiat 500 special edition dedicated to its 60th anniversary, in the very city where the Brand’s icon was born. This limited edition car celebrates the adored 500’s birthday with a specific characterisation and a contemporary version of stylistic features that made it famous. This special series also premieres an exquisite two-tone body colour, evocatively called “Dolcevita” to reference the era of the famous film, in which Tri-Coat White combines with Pastel Ivory.

And there’s more: the Fiat 500’s sixtieth birthday is also celebrated in the short film “See you in the future”, Fiat’s first venture in the genre, starring Oscar®; winner Adrien Brody, which has so far received 19,000,000 viewings on YouTube. The car has been associated with the performances of other famous actors, such as the unforgettable Sophie Marceau in the 2008 comedy “De l’autre côté du lit” in her 500 Pink, one of the countless trims of the heir to the mythical 500. What’s more, a period model of the Fiat icon took part in the filming of Luc Besson’s film “Le Grand Bleu” about Enzo Maiorca: yet more confirmation of the Brand’s strong links to the world of film.



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