Ferrari say driverless cars are a no go

Italian Supercar maker Ferrari has again reiterated it has no desire to create a driverless car, speaking to Arabian Business at the Dubai Motor Show, chief marketing and commercial officer Enrico Galliera said, “It would be very difficult to launch a driverless Ferrari.”

Enrico did go on to say the firm, known for its family of V12 engines and more recently it’s Turbo V8’s which have won various awards, is working on new features to make its cars’ safer and more fun to drive.

When pressed on the subject of electric cars, Galliera also added Ferrari will not be launching an all-electric car, either.

“Electrification is certainly a global trend that every single manufacturer has to follow, including Ferrari, but electric cars are a different game. For the time being, they are not in the plan of the company.”

“The reason customers buy a Ferrari is the emotion to drive; driving the car. The core value of a Ferrari remains in the sound, the performance, the beauty of the design and the emotion to drive. So this is where we are focusing and will continue to focus,” he said.


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