Ferrari promise to come back stronger

Sebastian Vettel came in at fourth place in during the title-deciding Mexican Grand Prix.

The result dashed the German’s hope of becoming Ferrari’s first world champion in a decade. Vettel, a four-time world champion, will now have to wait until the next season to snatch his fifth title.

Vettel is in it for the long haul: the 30-year-old is signed with Ferrari until 2020. He has nothing but positivity for the 2018 season.

“I want to win the world championship for Ferrari. That’s what I want. That’s my goal and we have to realise that it doesn’t work out this year.

“We still have a lot in us as a team, so that should make it easier to fight.”

It’s clear that Vettel believes his team will come back stronger next season.

Ferrari showed plenty of promise this season. They lead the standings from March until September. That, however, did not translate into wins as Ferrari’s, and Vettel’s, last success came at the Hungarian Grand Prix all the way back in July.

Meanwhile, Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton sailed to his fourth World Championship win.

Things might have looked different for Vettel had he not been plagued by unreliability issues and several glaring mistakes.

One recent example of this is the contact with Hamilton on the first lap of the Mexican Grand Prix which forced the two to pit. Both drivers then had to start at the back.

Although Vettel muscled his way to a respectable fourth place, it must be wondered what might have been had there been no impact.

Though Hamilton is the one to dethrone, Vettel is set on keeping the rivalry clean.

In reply to a journalist who asked if Lewis Hamilton’s success was down to him being a better driver or having a better car, Vettel said: “I don’t like that. We had a straight fight.

“It was great for us this year, as well for them, but I don’t want to in any way take any glory away from him. He deserves every bit of it. Two races to go, he seals the championship and he deserves to win.”

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