Move over Stelvio and welcome the Alfa Romeo GTV Off Roader

No it’s not another SUV from Italian carmaker Alfa Romeo, they havn’t been secretly testing a new off roader, it is in fact a 1974 Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV, albeit slightly modified.

It might seem sacrilege to take a stunning classic like the 2000 GTV and turn it into a, erm, well a big tyred off roader but before all Alfa enthusiasts start rallying (no pun intended!) round demanding the owner is removed from the planet, there is a reason to what appears like madness…

Over in California, owner Iliya Bridan loves his Alfa, having enjoyed it for the last 5 years, with various modifications it was his pride and joy, so when an unfortunate accident – rumoured to be when the car was dropped off the back of a flat bed lorry, on it’s way to a local garage for more TLC – the incident left the GTV with damaged suspension, rear end and other parts. After no doubt threatening to remove the culprits nether regions and probably a few beers, Illiya contacted his insurance company but it seemed they weren’t very helpful, so he hatched a plan.

Determined not to give up his prized Alfa, he did what anyone would do in his situation, create an off roader (?!). Giving it an engine rebuild, custom shocks and suspension, a few other tweaks here and there plus of course those bad ass big tyres, it’s fair to say it’s a pretty cool looking GTV, doubtless in the running for any awards at an Alfa Romeo Owners Club meeting, now if only we could give it a road test…

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