Marchionne furious after Ferrari’s Sepang woes

Ferrari are set to make changes to improve the quality of components after both of the Formula One team’s cars suffered engine failures in Malaysia last weekend, chairman Sergio Marchionne said on Monday.

Kimi Raikkonen was unable to start the race from second in Sepang and Sebastian Vettel began the race from the back of the grid. Marchionne was furious warning there can be no repeat of Ferrari’s Sepang woes

“Both Ferraris could have won the race,” he said on Monday. “That’s a fact. It could have also been the same at Singapore, that’s another fact.

“It’s also a fact that we’ve got some issues with our power units because we have a young team, but also because the quality of the components is not at the right level for a race car.

“We are intervening and we are working on it. It’s almost fortunate we haven’t had that problem until the Malaysian GP.

“Now we’re working on the quality department and making some organisational changes. Having this kind of problem during the race make us angry.

“That’s not a big problem if this kind of issue appears in our factory, but it’s really ugly when you’re in second place on the grid and you can’t start the race.”

Marchionne said the current team was still comparatively young and finding its way, after a restructuring last year, even if Ferrari had been around for 70 years. And components needed to be better.

“We are addressing the entire chain to impose different standards,” he said.
“It’s one thing breaking an engine on the (test) bench at home but it really looks bad when you have to be pushed off the grid (before the formation lap) from second place, it’s enough to make you pull your hair out.”


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