Lamborghini Urus spotted in…Nottinghamshire

We are used to seeing spy shots and hearing reports of cars being spied on the likes of the Nurburgring, Swiss Alps maybe or Germany’s Autobahn’s however this one came as a surprise, reported by AutoExpress, the new SUV or certainly the development car from Italian carmaker Lamborghini, has been snapped on the road in Nottingham.

Set to be launched later this year, Lamborghini obviously feels that the £180k SUV might be up to the rigours of the famous Nurburgring but coping with ‘Blightys pot holed roads is on a different level, after all if you are paying that kind of money for an Italian Super SUV you do not want your skeleton shaking to dust as you travel down Britain’s roads.

Judging by the spy shots taken, the Urus seems to retain much of the original 2012 concepts design with it’s low roofline, angular shape and hunched like muscular shoulder line. Producing around 600bhp from it’s V8 engine, performance is not something the Urus will be short of but testing it on the UK’s makes a lot of sense, after all if you can get a relaxed comfortable drive from this Raging Bull of an SUV here, anywhere else in the world should be absolutely fine.

Although some may balk at the idea of an Italian Super SUV from Lamborghini, after all Lamborghini’s last 4×4, the LM002 was more Rambo than Nando, but none the less we expect this latest creation to be as formidable off road is it is comfortable on the smooth stuff, personally we are very excited by this ‘Supercar in an SUV from Sant’Agata Bolognese.




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