First ever Alfa Romeo going to auction

In the world of exclusivity, when it comes to cars this has got to be right up there. A 1921 Alfa Romeo G1, the only running version of its kind anywhere in the world and the Italian manufacturer’s first ever model is set to go on auction in January 2018.

Just 52 Alfa Romeo G1 cars were manufactured, and this example is believed to remain the last complete one in the world – wearing the automaker’s first six-cylinder engine – a huge 6.3-liter inline six that had just 70 horsepower – and enabled in the good old times a maximum velocity of over 80 miles per hour

Said to be chassis 6018, this particular car is possibly one of the earliest production versions of their first car ever and spent most of its early life in Australia. The car was barely used and then stored till it was discovered in the late 1940s and was later bought by a well known Alfa Romeo collector, Ross Flewell-Smith in 1965. The car was then restored in the 1970s back to its former glory and then once again brought back out of storage in the early 2000s where it won a series of awards at the Pebble Beach Concourse.

This rare Alfa Romeo is going to auction in January with RM Sotheby’s in Arizona. It is expected to fetch somewhere in the region of £1M, the truth is the value of this beautiful classic will just keep going up.

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