Classic Fiat 850 Spider cash included

Everybody loves a classic, especially a little Italian roadster, when hunting through the classifieds it’s always tempting to find something a little bit different. Well if different is what you want, how about this Fiat 850 Spider going up for auction Hershey, Pennsylvania next week.

Only this Fiat 850 Spider has an added extra and not something you would find on the options list, Included is an undisclosed amount of cold hard cash, How much cash is offered with this classic Fiat, only the winning bidder will know. The proceeds of the auction are to go directly to the Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA), with the undisclosed amount of cash given to the winning bidder of the Spider. The cash was donated by two private individuals, as well as auction house, RM Sotheby’s.

The Fiat itself is a beautiful classic example, in Graphite with Black drop top, the car features many period options, including a luggage rack, wire wheels with white wall tires, front and rear bumper guards, and a gorgeous red interior coupled with a large-diameter wooden steering wheel.

Even back in the 70’s the little Fiat wasn’t the fastest car around, producing only 52 bhp from its 903cc engine but it was a good handling little roadster, besides with the roof down it was more about a relaxing drive to enjoy the scenery as you cruised round. This particular 1971 version would make a welcome addition to anyone’s classic car collection and of course the cash in the boot would really help sweeten the deal.


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