Alfa Romeo trademarks ‘Giulietta’ name

The Alfa Romeo Giulietta’s future has been rumoured for a while not to not last beyond the current model, however as is not unusual with Alfa Romeo, the Italian carmaker may have had a change of mind. As over in the U.S, FCA Italy S.p.A. has filed an application to register ‘Giulietta’ as a trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)

Filed by FCA last week, the trademark application signals an “intent to use” by the Italian-American company. Alfa Romeo’s October 4th, 2017 application is assigned serial number 87633093 and specifies that the standard character mark will be used in association with “Automobiles.”

Of course whether this actually means we will see a next generation Giulietta remains to be seen. We believe that the  “Giorgio” platform used by the Giulia and Stelvio would also work for a rear wheel drive hatchback, certainly there is still a market for a hatchback in Alfa’s line up, as rivals Audi, BMW and Mercedes all have their successful versions. A premium rear wheel drive hatchback to sit underneath the Giulia makes sense.

On the other hand the Italian carmaker may use the name another way, a possible future concept car or has been rumoured, give the name to the forthcoming Giulia Coupe, this would give the Coupe it’s own identity.

No doubt we shall learn in time, personally here at Enzari we are rather hoping to see a rear wheel drive hatchback…Giulietta Quadrifoglio anyone?…

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