Alfa Romeo offers incentives on new Stelvio model

It’s expected to be one of the must have SUV’s on the market, more stylish than a Range Rover Evoque, with reviews putting it above competitors from Audi and BMW, the new Alfa Romeo Stelvio has been called ‘the SUV you want to drive’ , with ex Top Gear host and now The Grand Tour presenter Jeremy Clarkson hailing it as the SUV he would have a poster of on his bedroom wall. Following on from the success of the Giulia, Alfa Romeo certainly seems to be on a roll.

In order to ease new customer’s who may previously have gone for the more conventional route of a German SUV, Alfa Romeo is offering incentives for those buyers on PCP, with up to a £3k contribution on one of the Stelvio model’s.

Buyers of a 210hp 2.2-litre turbodiesel Stelvio Speciale are being primed with a hefty £3k PCP finance deposit contribution by Alfa Romeo, on a four-year, 6.5 percent APR deal.

Alfa’s striking up-front contribution means the customer needs to find a relatively attainable £6,924 deposit to take up the offer, then pay £459 a month for 48 months.

The optional final payment is £17,681, meaning the total amount paid over the four-year term is £46,178. In other words, a finance premium of around £1,000 a year.

Other models are also offered with deposit contributions: the 180hp Stelvio Super, which costs £36,190, has a £1,000 contribution: the customer still needs to find £6,499 – so, almost as much as for the more powerful Speciale – but the monthly payment is a (slightly) more affordable £419 a month. Pity the interest rate rises to 7.1 percent APR.

If fuel bills aren’t so much of a concern, perhaps the keenest deal is that on the 280hp Stelvio Speciale 2.0-litre turbo. This gives a £3,000 deposit contribution, asks for a £6,499 deposit and costs £469 a month for four years, at 5.8 percent APR. The ‘PCP premium’ is thus just £2,978 in interest payments.


So if you weren’t tempted before I’m sure you are now, the new Alfa Romeo is available now, contact your local dealer to find out more: https://www.alfaromeo.co.uk/promotions/stelviomilanoedizione

*Excerpts courtesy motoring research

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