250bhp road racing Abarth – yes please!

The Abarth is a cool car, have no doubt it puts fun back into driving big time, whether it’s in 595 ‘guise or the slightly madder 695 BiPosto, they handle well, fast , genuine fun fun fun, we love them, but then we saw this. Road Race Motorsports, started by Italian Rob Tallini, have just taken the Abarth a step further…

We’d love to give you some figures on this pocket rocket, after all with 250bhp under the bonnet, it isn’t going to hang around, but here is what we do know:

*Engine: RoadRaceMotorsports Stage 3 Performance Package, which includes their “Ultimate ECM” (~22psi), downpipe with high-flow catalytic converter, lightweight aluminum pulley system and cold air intake. RRM promises that all those products safely push the 1.4-liter’s output to 250 hp. Price for the engine upgrades is somewhere in the neighborhood of £1k.

*Suspension: The car gets a Bilstein coilover system “developed hand in hand with RRM to our valving/spring rate specifications.” There’s also a custom rear sway bar developed by Tallini himself, as well as chassis bracing and upper/lower brace bars also developed by RRM. Suspension components’ price is approximately $1,800.

*Brakes: The braking system consists of slotted rotors with high carbon content, Project Mu pads and RRM’s stainless-steel braided brake line package. Price approximately $1,200.

*Interior: The interior is scraped clean except for a stereo system and air conditioning. There are two Racetech seats, two Racetech 5-point harnesses, a custom switch panel, and a custom red dash pad.

*Wheels/Tyres: The wheels start as blank XXR 531s but receive a unique Fiat 4×98-mm bolt pattern, powder-coated dark red. The fronts are 16 by 8 and rears are 16 by 9, thus requiring the widebody fender flares. Tyres are Toyo R888s, 225/45-16 on all four corners.

*Appearance: There is a wide array of RRM carbon-fiber components, including those widebody fender flares, sideskirts, front lip and an RRM trim package.

*Custom stuff: What RRM calls the “tarmac rally car look” comes from the front rally-inspired LED light system, six-point roll cage with door bars, sunroof delete, custom rear diffuser and Lexan door windows with sliders.

*Cost: We’re still waiting for the overall price tag, but Tallini said you could spend “10-15k grand on your Abarth — maybe more, maybe less, depending. That may seem like a lot, but you can drive it to the track, as indeed Tallini has, in fact he has raced it in the U.S. Touring Car Championship, among other series.


So a pretty cool piece of kit, taking your Abarth to this kind of level isn’t cheap, is it worth it? Too right, I mean if you have the means why not, we look forward to seeing one at our Meet & Greet’s (Maybe?!)


*Excerpts courtesy autoweek


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