Weekend in Monza, Ferrari country…

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The latest email to land in my inbox is from Jeremy, without doubt a massive Ferrari fan, last weekend saw him return to Monza with his son for the Italian Grand Prix…

Every year my son and I make the trip to Italy to visit Maranello the home of the Prancing Horse, and then onto Monza to cheer on the team with the ever faithful Tifosi!

The flight to Bologna from the uk is little over 2 hours and the best thing is to hire a car from the airport. The drive to Maranello is a short hop of 45 minutes.

We stay in the Maranello Village hotel which was built in a Ferrari theme and is a 5 minute drive into the centre of Maranello.

Maranello is a must visit place for any Ferrari or Italian car lover, it’s a magnet for Supercars that you will see driving past the factory at a constant rate, mainly Ferrari’s but also Lamborghini and other classics from Lancia and Arbath amongst others.

If you feel like the experience of a lifetime you can test drive a latest Ferrari or Lamborghini and drive it around Maranello and surrounding area, prices vary from around €100 to €400 depending on how long and what car you  wish to drive.

A must see while you are there is the Museo Ferrari which houses a constantly changing display of Ferrari Road and racing cars throughout the history of the great marque. There is also the opportunity to drive an F1 simulator and see how good you are driving an F1 car round Monza.

Over in Modena, a 25 minute drive you will find the Enzo Ferrari museum which is built on the site where the first Ferrari engines were built, the actual building is still there and been faithfully restored and turned into an engine showcase for the great cars, an impressive new building is also on site housing an amazing display of cars, and every 20 minutes it goes into darkness and shows 2 films about the history of Enzo himself and a second film which changes depending on the theme of the museum which changes every 6 months.

Also in Modena you can visit the Maserati factory, tours are available if you pre book, but can just walk in through the gates and look around the showroom and store.

Back in Maranello, take the time explore the town, from the historic factory entrance to the new one, you will find many sculptures and displays around the town, the picture here if the main roundabout and in the background is church who’s bells ring when the F1 team wins a race!

Many other sculptures are around the town too…


The factory gates old and new are the iconic image of Maranello, you can also see the wind tunnel next to the new entrance. Unfortunately tours are only available if you are are a member of a Scuderia Ferrari Club or are fortunate enough to buy a Ferrari and pick it up from the factory.

There are many stores to buy Ferrari merchandise around town, you have the official Ferrari Store opposite the historic factory gates, there is are also Warm-Up, Horse Linge, Red Passion, Shopping Formula 1 and Georgio Gocci, just about everywhere you look you buy something Ferrari related from actual pieces of a car to a pencil and everything in between, so go with some spending cash!

Eating out is fantastic in Maranello too, Chrisma is a Pizzeria on the main square which is renowned in Italy for some of the best Pizzas you can buy, they are amazing and range from only €6. Opposite the factory is the Cavilinno restaurant, this is where Enzo himself used to eat lunch and dubbed when he was in town and had his own private room at the rear, if you ask to see it that are more than happy to open it up so you can have look. The food is amazing, but not cheap, a main course for 2 with drinks is around €70 but it’s worth every cent as the quality is top notch and restaurant is covered in historic memories of Enzo and the marque.

There is also the Montana restaurant where the F1 drivers go to eat, this is adorned with helmets and race suits as well as F1 wings etc, Madam Rossella is the owner and has pictures of all the drivers throughout history who have eaten there. Be warned though you will have to book a table a few days in advance.

From Maranello to Monza is a journey of just over 3 hours, you need to get to Modena station and get a train to Milan Central station, from there another train to Monza Lesmo Station. On Friday and Saturday you get off at Monza main station and then bus into the circuit, but on Race day a special train is put on to take you straight there. Cost wise, if you have a car, drive to Modena and park in a free car park opposite the Enzo museum car park and the the station is about a 10 minute walk. A taxi from Maranello to Modena is €25. The train to Milan is about €17 one way and the train to the circuit is only €5, so not expensive really. The trains are always on time and are clean and comfortable.

Once at the Lesmo entrance you have a security check at the gates and then a 30 minute walk to the main circuit, it’s in a national park and is very spread out. All this to do worth it once you get amongst the faithful Tifosi , no   other race can you feel the passion of the fans, the atmosphere is simply amazing. The racing is never great at   Monza but the whole experience is a must do for any F1 fan. If your not a Ferrari fan, become one for the day, you won’t regret it.

Well that’s the trip, best 4 days I spend each year, I’ve done this every year for the last 7 years and it gets better every year! I hope you have enjoyed sharing my memories. Jeremy

A big thank you to Jeremy for sharing his Monza experience, sounds like an awesome time. If you’d like to share your Italian car passion with Enzari readers, drop me an email: jason@enzari.com


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