V8 Maserati Levante spied on test

Likely to wear the GTS badge, a V8 Maserati Levante has been spied on test in Spain. Maserati always said at the launch of the Levante that a V8 was a possibility, stating that the Quattroporte’s Ferrari-assembled 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 fits in the Levante with no issues. That should be no surprise, as the two models share a basic platform. In the Quattroporte, the engine makes 523 horsepower however expect this to be cranked up to around the 550 mark, putting in direct competition with Porsche’s Cayenne Turbo. Interestingly the Maserati has been spied with BMW’s 567bhp X5 M as the benchmark.

Exterior wise, the V8 Levante will have a larger front bumper incorporating a larger air intake, along with bonnet vents. A slightly lower ride height is expected to enhance the profile of the SUV, as well as upgraded brakes and stiffer suspension setting, however this is a luxury SUV so don’t expect much of a compromise to the way it rides, you can still expect to waft around in your SUV in comfort.

The rear of the camouflaged Levante seems fairly unchanged except for larger diameter exhaust pipes which further denote its high-output motor. Maserati is also likely to give it a rear diffuser for better aerodynamics.

Overall Maserati engineers shouldn’t have too much work to get the new V8 customer ready so expect the new faster model to hit showrooms next year.

*Images courtesy Autoguide

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