Novitec launches 772bhp Ferrari 488 Spider

It’s true some things are best left untouched, I was reminded of this recently when I saw wood cladding being fitted to the exterior of a period house, obviously in an attempt to modernise it but clearly the owner was missing the design and style of the property as it was. So it is true of cars, manufacturers spend millions on design and style for their latest model, granted they don’t always get it right but in the case of Supercars from Maranello it is unusual for an ugly duckling to emerge out of the famous factory gates.

So it baffles me when a tuning company takes a good looking car and ruins it, in this case Novitec Rosso, the German company has just released details of a new N-Largo package for the Ferrari 488 Spider. Now with Novitec’s wide body package adding a new front spoiler lip, redesigned front air intakes and new fenders with cut-away front wheel vents and a set of air gills on top. Beauty in the eye of the beholder? Maybe.

The carbon fibre add on’s continue round the back of the drop top prancing horse, with rear light surrounds featuring a carbon surround with smoked taillights. The rear spoiler is also carbon fibre, with a rear facia that has also been redesigned with a new rear diffuser and a set of vertical rear wheel vents.

On the plus side, Novitec’s changes are more than skin deep, with a power upgrade for the 3.9-litre twin-turbocharged V8, taking it up to 772 bhp, expect the top speed to increase somewhere in the region of 210mph with a 0 to 62 mph in just 2.8 seconds. Novitec also offers various other add on’s for it’s tuning conversions, personally we are still undecided on the looks however that power upgrade might just tip the balance…

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