Lamborghini HyperCar on the way

Lamborghini may have been busy at the Frankfurt Motor Show with the launch of the Aventador S Roadster and announcing we will soon see the much anticipated Urus on December the 4th but the Italian Supercar maker still managed to surprise people with an announcement.


Lamborghini Director of Research and Development, Maurizio Reggiani, told Car Advice that a limited edition Lamborghini will be announced to its customers shortly, that will showcase some new technologies for the carmaker. He also said that the car is expected to be sold out by the time it’s revealed.

Kick starting it’s HyperCars 10 years ago with the Revention, followed more recently by the Centenario, these special limited edition Supercars have technology and design features that will be present in future production Lamborghini’s.

Reggiani confirmed this way of thinking, “Soon we will present to our most important customers a new version of what we call a one-off. For us, a one-off is a small number of cars where we make scouting of a new design trend, like we did with the Centenario and not only that, we introduce some new technology.”

Exactly what kind of power output we can expect is anyone’s guess right now, but one thing we do expect is to see it feature Hybrid power, possibly a similar set up to the LaFerrari, its certainly going to be one very special raging bull…

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