LaFerrari Aperta sets record for modern car at auction

Its been a busy weekend for Ferrari all over the world, with various gatherings and events going on as the Italian carmaker celebrates its 70th Anniversary.

However, as you would expect the main event was held in Ferrari’s hometown of Maranello, Italy, its fair to say one of the highlights, if not the main feature was the auction by RM Sotheby’s of Ferrari’s gathered from all around the world – http://enzari.com/news/ferrari-marks-its-70th-anniversary-with-weekend-celebrations-in-maranello/

Indeed it turned out to be a record breaking weekend as a LaFerrari Aperta sold for over £7M – the most money ever fetched for a modern car of the 21st century. Usually this kind of money is seen for classic cars.

The laFerrari Aperta, which has yet to be assembled, sold Saturday (Sept. 9) for twice the amount auctioneers expected after a bidding war between at least 12 auction attendees, the auction house RM Sotheby’s said in a press release.


Once completed, the Aperta will be sprayed with “one-of-a-kind stunning metallic” red paint. It’ll also sport two white racing stripes along its body, while the interior will be trimmed with black leather, red stitching and black carbon fiber paneling.

It’ll be the 210th and last La Ferrari Aperta ever made.

RM Sotheby’s said of the Ferrari, “There has never been another vehicle as eagerly anticipated or as technologically advanced” throughout the carmaker’s history.

The car’s entire £7M sale price will be donated to Save the Children, an international youth education charity, RM Sotheby’s said.

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