Fiat 500C raises over £40k for charity

Italian cars raising money for charities is nothing new, usually however it tends to be left to the Supercar brigade, more recently Ferrari with the LaFerrari Aperta raising over £7M for Save The Children, however the latest car to raise money for charity at auction is on a slightly smaller scale in size.

The 500C is a pretty cool car, certainly one with plenty of style and despite being one of every street these days, it has lost none of it’s kerb appeal. Priced at around £15k, the 500C comes in cheaper than it’s rivals, however this little 500C went for somewhat more than normal on the road prices.

As well as cars, Italy is also the home of fashion, among them the Missoni fashion brand that is known for its zigzag patterns and knitwear, so take the funky 500C mix it with a little Missoni inspired bodyart and put it up for charity auction organized by amfAR during Italy Fashion Week in Milan – job done!

Lapo Elkman’s ‘Garage Italia Customs’ created the brightly colored horizontal stripe painting and a matching interior using leather and frock patterns from Missoni.

The little 1.4 litre engine in the Fiat might not win any races, producing only 101bhp but it will win plenty style awards coming out on top. Raising over £40k for the amfAR charity event, which is now in its ninth year and has so far raised near £9M for research and cure of AIDS. Creative director Angela Missoni was the guest of honor to see the loveable 500 stylishly raise even more.

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