Fiat 500 gets Alfa Romeo 4C engine

No you didn’t read the title wrong, I mean who hasn’t wondered what it would be like to put a big engine in a cute Fiat 500 – we are sure you have (?!) , after all small car, big engine well that can only spell fun can’t it.

Producing 350bhp from the turbocharged 1.7-litre turbo four from an Alfa Romeo 4C under it the bonnet, this special Giannini 350 GP Anniversario is a special twist on the Italian city car. It’s got carbon fiber widebody construction and sends power to the rear wheels. It even gets a big wing, the brakes feature drilled and slotted discs in front and six-piston calipers. From the front, it looks a little bit like an old rally car, with giant accessory lights flushed into the widened bumper.

Giannini plan to make only about 100 of these custom Fiat 500’s, if there is one catch it might be the price, at around £100k its in Supercar money territory so you have to really love the little Fiat to splash that kind of cash, but if you do, your in for a lot of fun…

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