Ferrari championship season over?

It was the worst possible race for Scuderia Ferrari in Singapore yesterday, under the fall of night, under the lights and rain, the two Ferrari drivers clashed within seconds of the race starting, to give the team their first DNF of the season, allowing Hamilton to wave bye bye as he flew off into the distance in what looks like handing him another world championship with Mercedes AMG in the world of Formula 1.

So while Ferrari hold their own in house investigation, meetings and no doubt a few telling’s off, some are saying team orders should have been given a few races ago so Kimi knew exactly where he stood, others say it’s nothing to do with team orders, drivers should be allowed to race.

Many have questioned Vettel’s ability to handle pressure, saying he isn’t as skillful a driver as Hamilton and that yesterdays incident could have been prevented if he was more aware?…

Standing on the outside it’s easy to point the finger, but without the experience of being in that situation, sat there on the front row of the grid waiting for the lights to go out, adrenaline pumping, the psychological pressure of what is at stake, no one can even really comprehend what it’s like, let alone how you deal with situations coming at you quicker than the blink of eye. However bad yesterday was for Ferrari in terms of the championship, it has to go down as ‘one of those things’ or more commonly known as ‘a racing incident’.

No doubt by tomorrow the team will have put matters to bed and moved on, as fans we look forward to the next race and hopefully Scuderia Ferrari can take the fight to MercedesAMG and battle until the very end, ForzaFerrari!

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