College offers students luxury cars to dismantle

As school and college children go back this month to pursue their academic roles, in China a particular college is offering a slightly different course to what might normally be found on campus. Twenty luxury cars were parked at the Wuchang Polytechnic College in Hubei province to welcome its freshmen, Changjiang Daily reported on Wednesday.

They included brands such as Maserati, Ferrari and Porsche.

Worth more than 10 million yuan (a lot more than most U.K. Colleges get in their annual funds!) in total, the college bought the cars for field training for students majoring in vehicle detection and auto maintenance this year.

The course has been nicknamed “luxury cars class”.
Mr Liu Yuanjin, the teacher in charge of the class, said: “Students can have in-depth knowledge of the engine and installed devices, by dismantling and assembling the vehicle parts”.
“Vehicle detection and breakdown services do require strong knowledge, so the college has built a 4,600sq m training centre for high-end car brands, to enhance their skills.”

It is the second intake of the “luxury cars class”, with 80 students admitted this year.

Whether this course will catch on outside of China remains to be seen, but I’ve no doubt if it was offered to U.K. Students the college would have quite a waiting list on its hands…


*courtesy straitstimes


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