Alfa Romeo take the Giulia and Stelvio on the famous Transfagarasan road

Everybody loves driving on a good road, truth is not many of us get the chance, especially if we live in the city, with a mixture of congestion and road works, sometimes we are lucky to get into top gear. However, if you have the time and can afford the fuel, there is one particular road every petrol head wants to drive on. The Transfagarasan road in Romania, there is just one catch, it is only open 4 months of the year due to climatic conditions, so plan your trip carefully!

Among the most beautiful roads in the world, the Transfagarasan is a 95 mile stretch of  road starting from the town of Bascov, near Pitesti and running for miles through nature reserves to reach the Balea glacial lake. It passes through Curtea de Arges and winds through the highest mountains in Romania giving breathtaking views, to the north the landscape is dry while to the south green valleys and ends near the city of Cartisoara. There are many tunnels and viaducts you can encounter along the road that climbs up through numerous hairpin bends.


Although built at the behest of dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, it is also called the Ceausescu Madness. Between 1970 and 1974, it permitted Romanian troops to cross the Carpathians in the event of a Soviet invasion. In fact, the road connects the regions of Transylvania and Muntenia. Nowadays it is home to a different kind of transportation, namely the car. Recently Lamborghini took a few of their Supercars for an outing.

So what better road for Italian carmaker Alfa Romeo to take the new Stelvio and the awesome Giulia for a drive on, unfortunately we weren’t privy to this outing, yes we are envious! Spending a great day among the beautiful curves of the world’s most famous road in an Alfa sounds like a good plan to us. The two Alfa Romeo’s showing all their characteristics on a fascinating path, if you have driven or indeed own the Giulia you will already be aware of how well it drives, placing the car on a winding road such as the Transfagarasan, reaffirms what a good car Alfa have made, as it revels in the curves. The new Stelvio is also just as comforable, having smashed the Nurburgring record for an SUV, it is clear Alfa Romeo have produced something very special in their very first SUV.

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